How Do I Buy?

Just click on one of the provided web links on our home page or visit your favorite website/online store anywhere in the USA and Shop/Buy.



Payment, Shipping, Delivery & Dates

Payment - You only pay us the Ship by Air or Sea cost from U.S.A. to East Africa. Contact us for our best all inclusive (Customs & Clearance included) quote per KG or Pounds (lb) & the minimum weight chargeable. When you are ready to pay for Ship by Air or Sea use the BUY NOW button above this page to pay.


Shipping - Buy stuff on any USA based Website/Online Store or store, have goods delivered to our business address and we will have your goods delivered to East Africa in 6 days and 50 days by Sea.

If you already have the goods and living in the USA and you just want your goods shipped by Air to East Africa, send them to our address for a 6 day shipping to East Africa.


Delivery - Pick up your Shopping/Goods in one of our nearest office in East Africa or have them delivered to you, we serve: Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Dar es Salaam, Kampala and All major cities in East Africa.

Dates - Due to unforeseen Natural & Government events, Arrival and Departure times may change without notice.


Using Our Address

You can use our address as your contact point in the USA then we Ship your goods by Air or Sea to East Africa.

To use our address include Your Name for easy sorting/logistics. Use our address below:



C/O Customer Name

2890 W. Sam Houston South, Suite #A24

Houston, Texas 77042



Actual Weight Vs. Volume/Dimensions

What Airlines use. Air Packages/Cargo are weighed/measured either by Actual Weight (Kgs/lbs) or Volume/Dimension (L x W x H) whichever is greater.


By Sea 90% of the times charges are by Volume/Dimension.


Our Policy

-We are not liable after goods delivery/pickup. 

-You must declare merchandise being shipped as per the Air/Ocean Freight Laws.

- 60 Days after goods arrive and are ready for pickup/delivery at country of destination, without prior installment agreement, goods will be auctioned to recover our costs for all unpaid goods. 

All goods for shipping must be legal or purchased from a legit website and buyer is liable for any illegal goods purchased. Punishment of fraudulent/illegal purchases/shipping include and not limited to confiscation, investigation etc.


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