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  • At Ship East Africa we connect African consumers with the USA marketplace as well as provide Air or Sea Freight services to East Africa at the cheapest rates. USA has the largest assortment of goods both new and used and is second to none, now we avail that opportunity to you.


  • We provide the best Customer Service you can ever think of, from Email, Phone, Text/SMS, WhatsApp, any form of communication, you name it, we are there for you. Just find us on our mobile number or email listed: +1-832-628-2785 or email:


  • We also provide packaging boxes/material if need be especially for customers who want to consolidate their shipment or for those customers with worn out packages (wear & tear) we re-pack to give your package a fresh look.


  • We also shrink wrap and double tape all package edges/corners to withstand transport wear & tear, we also include package labels, security seals, tracking and send/upload photos of all packages before departure.


  • We represent/broker for the customer in some cases or upon request, especially with heavy equipment/machinery or bulk purchases, some conditions may apply and the final deal is always between the buyer & the seller.


  • Ask us about % discount offers we may have for our bulk or repeat customers.

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